Stakeholders along the entire value chain in the building sector and science are pursuing the topic of decarbonisation through multi-energy systems in the Swiss building stock. In today's environment, stakeholders are challenged to provide solutions for decarbonising the energy supply of buildings and sites in order to establish themselves in the market in the long term.
With the Networking Event Series - Building-related Multienergy-Systems we build up a community and develop concrete ideas and solutions which are tested in projects.

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Networking Event Series

related MultienergySystems

Innosuisse supports the multi-year event series "Networking Event Series - Building-related Multienergy Systems" on interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral topics of decarbonization and sector coupling. Research and implementation partners exchange new ideas, technologies, applications, and commercial opportunities to jointly address challenges and find new approaches that lead to concrete projects.

By linking science and users, new products, services and corresponding business models with broad social acceptance are created. The NES - BMS has set itself this goal.

With a series of events, the NES - BMS is pursuing the consolidation of a community in the field of multi-energy systems in buildings and areas. The events, moderated by experts, allow for targeted incremental and disruptive innovations. Design thinking methods are used at the workshops. Innovative project ideas developed in the workshops will subsequently be co-financed by Innosuisse (innovation cheque or innovation project).

The series of events, which will start in September 2021, will develop continuously over four events with different focus topics.
Next Event

16 September 2021 | 9.00 - 16.00 | Winterthur, Kirchgemeindehaus Liebestrasse

Building-related Multienergy-Systems
exploring future products and services for decarbonization

The first face-to-face workshop will take place in Winterthur with around 40 people from the public sector, business and science. Moderated by Barbara Widmer and Anna Roschewitz, the workshop will discuss challenging issues in the field of energy supply, storage and distribution for the building park with mobility networking and end customer requirements.


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